Good things come to those who wait.

We believe in any fulfilling agency job, loving what you do and loving who you do it with go hand in hand. We move each other to get creative, think past the first idea, and have a little fun doing it.

Genuine Collaboration

Never you, always us. We believe the very best solutions come when there is true collaboration internally and with our clients. SPARK always has been and always will be made of partnerships that come from a place of empathy and a genuine eagerness to lend a hand.

Exceed Expectations

Work hard, fail harder. We won’t settle for the first right answer. We push to find the very best ways to approach a challenge. Does that mean a few resets and a well-decorated cutting room floor? Usually. But you can’t get from good to great without looking for better.

Grow or Go

Win every day. Everyone loves those award-winning projects (trust us, we do too). But we believe growth doesn’t come from a name in a publication. It’s a determination to push a little more today than you did yesterday.

Available Positions

Does SPARK seem like the kind of place you’d want to work? We’re always looking for new talent so if you think we’d make a good match, apply for a position below or shoot over your resume. 

Social Media (FL)

Social Strategist

We’re looking for a savvy social strategist to grow our team and provide clients (and internal departments) with guidance in this age of algorithms. Up for the challenge? Let’s talk. 

Brand (FL)

Brand Director

We’re looking for a Brand Director with agency experience, the ability to lead, and a strategic mind. If you’re up for a change, a challenge, and a little sunshine, let’s talk.

Creative (CA)

Sr. Copywriter

Know how to distill ideas into punchy statements? Are you a strong conceptual thinker who understands what it takes to build an ad campaign or brand from the ground up? Let’s talk.

Social Media (FL)

Social Media Coordinator

Ready to join a team dedicated to making social media about more than just getting likes and fans? Let’s talk.

Social Media (FL)

Social Media Director

SPARK is looking for someone who can lead our dynamic social team to bigger ideas, more meaningful engagement, and measurable results for our clients. Think that’s you? Let’s talk.

Social Media (FL)

Social Media Content Creative

Are you someone who loves to bring together the worlds of social media and eye-catching creative design? Want to make things that look good and work well in fickle social landscapes? Let’s talk.

Studios (FL)


Spark is looking for a Producer to join our Tampa Studios team. Our producers protect and grow the concept through all phases of production, from rough concept to final traffic. If this is you, let’s talk. 

Creative (CA)


Are you a conceptual thinker and solid writer who’s just as comfortable with digital marketing as they are fully integrated campaigns? Let’s talk.

Creative (CA/FL)


Are you a creative and ambitious designer who seeks to elevate the work at every phase? Someone who doesn’t settle and believes in pushing design to its limits? Let’s talk.

Creative (FL)

Art Director

SPARK is looking for an Art Director. Do you have a passion for not just crafting great work but also presenting it? Let’s talk.

Creative (FL)

Creative Director

SPARK is looking for a Creative Director with an Art Direction/Design background with enough experience to run with concepts, campaigns, clients and of course, art direction and design. We need someone who knows more than traditional marketing. Sound like you? Let’s talk.