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Production Artist

SPARK is looking for a Production Artist that’s as nimble as they are quick. We need someone to work between creative and operations to get final art files out of the door without losing track of even the smallest details.

The basics.

Experience across the Adobe Creative Suite
Attention to detail
Strong worth ethic

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You can do this.

Adapt creative elements to print and digital executions, create final art files, and package them all up before they leave the building.  You’re organized, efficient, and always down to collaborate.

You have this.

An eagle eye and driven work ethic making you the trusty swiss army knife of creative, brand managers, and operations teams alike.

You get this.

That measure twice cut once is an understatement, that no detail out of place is too small to flag, and the creative is only as good as the final work the team can produce. 

Still with us?
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