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Bertram Yachts

Trust — hard to earn and easy to lose. So when the iconic Bertram Yachts had all but faded away, new leadership came to us to help bring the yacht branding back to life. We needed to reestablish a relationship with die-hard fans while being able to speak to potential new ones. It all began with the launch of the new 35 – a yacht that echoes the legacy while bringing the brand to the present. 

Forever original.

We kicked off with a repositioning that could unite the brand’s history and future. Something that spoke to what brought Bertram to life in the first place – what made the brand “Forever Original” – and could stand out from other yacht advertising efforts. 

Our studios team had a 3-day shoot in the Florida Keys to capture dynamic shots of the 35, highlighting the boat’s personality, power, and finishes.

Just like the vessels themselves, yacht branding and advertising is all in details.

The catalog featured images of their skilled craftspeople and the company’s new location.

What comes next?

With this refreshed brand in place, we’re collaborating with their team to find new ways to activate it through initiatives like updating their website, identifying partnerships, revamping boat show experiences, creating a video series, designing new apparel, and even updating their Tampa warehouse.

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