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Close up of Visit Tampa Bay bag.
Close up of Visit Tampa Bay bag.

Visit Tampa Bay

Lost in a sea of sunshine sameness, Florida destinations without a unique personality can go unnoticed. That’s why for years, Tampa Bay ranked in the middle or worse in every category. So we rallied Visit Tampa Bay leaders to unlock our potential and reclaim local pride with a unique identity and rebranding that was true to the spirit of the Bay.

Pirate flag +
UT Minaret +
Keys to the city =
a logo that awakens local pride with a relevant and authentic identity.

Every detail of the new brand, including the heavy use of black, was designed to help Tampa Bay stand out during launch and for years to come in future destination marketing efforts.

Back to back record highs
for bed-tax.

“We’re extremely proud of our new brand. It stands out everywhere we use it.”
– Santiago Corrada, CEO Visit Tampa Bay

We move people
to love where they live.

We move people