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Here at SPARK, our hotel marketing strategy centers around what should be a brand’s true compass: their consumer. Increasingly, the consumer is seeking authentic and distinctive experiences from hotel properties that seamlessly reflect their surroundings. As part of our hotel marketing services, we consider what is truly unique about a property and a destination and bring it to life in our branding and marketing efforts. This was certainly the case for our hotel client, the Motif Hotel in Seattle, WA.

Case Study


There is a distinct array of colors, textures and patterns that emerge as you make your way through the streets of Seattle: A hue of blue in the sky only visible amidst the heat of summer, the silhouette of the Emerald City’s many majestic trees standing tall between its salt and fresh water borders, and the moody nature of the rainy Pacific Northwest hanging thick in the air. All of these characteristics have come together to form fertile ground for local inspiration and artistry in this iconic city for many years.

A group of avid travelers here at SPARK, we relished the opportunity to travel to Seattle and discover its uniqueness for ourselves. Originally on a mission to transform an old tired hotel chain into a richly cultured, luxury boutique destination, what we uncovered lead us to much more than that. From music to theatre to fashion and textiles, we realized Seattle’s culture is one of authentic patterns – or motifs. From here, a distinct brand formed for our hotel client around which we sought to showcase the local artists who so inspired the Motif Seattle vision.

Diving into luxury hotel marketing for Motif Seattle involved working with local designers every season to create distinctive fabric patterns to be used throughout the hotel experience. What would become a HOW International Design Award Winner, we created a video series highlighting one of the artist’s process, the way he is inspired by the city and how that translates to the textiles and spirit of Motif Seattle.

Since our Artist Series launched alongside its renaming, repositioning and rebranding, Motif Seattle has become the top performing hotel in the city.



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