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Integrated Advertising

Integrated Advertising

Relevance is the new currency.

We need more than just great ideas because context is now king

Be relevant to your audience. Find the opportunities to connect and harness them to stand out. We’re implementing technologies from our international partners and building our own to help our clients find effective ways to connect to their audience. We fine-tune strategies and placements to deliver relevant messaging and creative advertising that provide results you can see in real time.


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    • Consumer Profiles
    • Competitive Landscape
    • Primary and Secondary Research
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    Media Strategy, Planning & Buying

    • Traditional and Digital Marketing Strategy
    • Behaviorial and Intent Based Targeting
    • Traditional Media Buying
    • Digital Media Buying
    • SEO/SEM
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    Creative Concepts & Execution

    • Traditional
    • Digital
    • Non Traditional
    • Social
    • Campaign Microsite Development
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    Measurement & Optimization

    • Analytics
    • Reporting
    • Insights
    • Refinement


Reeves Import Motorcars

Our digital marketing strategy uncovered that 75% of luxury car buyers don’t buy the car they are initially interested in. Armed with this information, we implemented a digital media buy that specifically targeted people searching for competitor makes and models, as well as the seven brands sold at the dealership. By segmenting multiple audiences at key points within the buying process, we were able to develop hundreds of unique digital ads that contributed to annual car sales growth that 26% higher than the industry.

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Creative Concepts & Execution

Dalí Museum Traditional and Digital Advertisting

To pair with the impact of a hyper-targeted media strategy, we created a variety of campaign elements that were flexible and dynamic. Our creative advertising agency shot the TV spot with the ultra-slow motion Phantom camera. Billboards carried the artful theme across Tampa Bay.

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Dalí Museum Traditional and Digital Advertisting

"SPARK walks in the customer's shoes with empathy and insight."

Susanna Costello, VP of Global Brand at Visit Florida

Media Strategy, Planning & Buying

Dalí Museum Media

The Museum has two primary audiences - Tampa Bay residents and tourists - and within each there are individual triggers and key buying moments. To embrace this, we treated each audience separately with special focus on tourists. We engaged during the planning of their trip, once they booked, then upon arrival at the airport & hotel. Our media buying services also included mobile ads which delivered messaging during searches while visiting the area. Ultimately, we stayed with them from planning to visit to purchase.

Media Strategy, Planning & Buying
Integrated Advertising Measurement & Optimization

Measurement & Optimization

VISIT FLORIDA Digital & Social Ad Campaign

During this campaign, promoting weekend vacation ideas, we a/b tested creative and placements to understand what resonated most with our audience in real time. Based on engagement metrics and actual social conversations, we actively adapted and evolved the campaign to become even more impactful. The result was 60 variations of optimized ads and higher percentage of social intent to travel.



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