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Brand Positioning

As a results-driven team with the capabilities and resources of a market research agency, we thoroughly invest in understanding the landscape of any given brand. We work diligently with our clients at the onset of any project to clearly define the marketplace, uncover our challenges and weaknesses, and tackle these with effective plans that ladder up to our overarching goals.

Beyond initial positioning through our market research services, we measure the strategy and campaign we put into the market, reporting back on metrics that align with our goals and optimize our efforts. We utilize tools including Google Analytics, Hootsuite, Sprout Social, NUVI, TapInfluence, and Nielsen to report on metrics such as reach, engagement, social growth, and cost per action. We can also partner with third party research companies to attribute awareness, perception, and visitation to our campaigns.

In a big-data world, we understand the importance of operating like a marketing research agency, pulling accurate insights from the vast amount of information we have access to. But it is not enough to simply report numbers. We must segment and interpret what they mean in order to provide you with information we can act upon now as well as guide us for future planning.

Case Study


We knew that market research would be an integral element of our partnership with local luxury car dealership Reeves Import Motorcars. Penetrating an industry set in its ways with a seemingly formulaic way of communicating with their consumer was something we knew we needed to do, we just weren’t sure how. Driven by market research, we were led to the insight that 75% of car buyers don’t purchase their initial brand choice. This was a huge awakening for our strategy and completely shifted our plan. So, we created a digital strategy aimed at conquesting the competition.

Through careful tracking of our efforts, we optimized in real time and dynamically served up over 250 ads to consumers. Through this research-driven strategy, we achieved 433% higher new car sales than the national average. This equates to to 878 more cars sold year-over-year and an additional $42 Million in new car sales.



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