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Coppertail Brewing Co

Creating Demand through Imagination

Brand Identity and Experience Design

In an increasingly crowded craft beer space, Coppertail was built on the impossible. A craft brewery going against the mega-brewers, a home-brewing former lawyer putting everything on the line and a the idea of a sea monster that existed in the mind of a 5 year old. Through a collective of imaginations we made it all a reality and in the process achieved something else impossible – immediate customers and long term fans.

It all started with two things–
1. the name Coppertail
2. the belief that a "Coppertail" was a sea monster.

Brand Identity

Brand Identity Design
Featured on Brand New, The Dieline, Oh Beautiful Beer, PRINT, How

We created a world based on encounters with this C-Monster.

Brand Identity Design

It inspired the logo and names, influenced labels, and shaped stories.

Beer label Design
Beer packaging design
'The labels tell a rich story while leaving plenty of room for the imagination of the consumer to go to work.' - The Dieline
Beer brand Identity Design
  • Newspaper print ad design
  • Newspaper print ad design
  • Newspaper print ad design
  • Newspaper print ad design
Coppertail beer in glass
Coppertail tasting room

With such a fun narrative, people intuitively wanted to join in. A beer review became a short story.

The interior designer decided to add a confessional booth to the tasting room

Coppertail tasting room

Content Studios

and social media exploded with their own encounter stories.

The legend took on its new life.

Before selling a single beer, requests were coming in from around the state and across the country.
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