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Dalí Museum

The Return to Iconic Status

Integrated Advertising Campaign and Content Studios for Dalí Museum

The iconic museum was in a slump. Despite doubling capacity with their new, world-class architectural feat, attendance quickly dropped back to the historic levels from their smaller museum. Through market research, we segmented their audience and discovered new opportunities. And with dynamic creative and smart media we built a successful campaign that more than restored order for their Dalí / Warhol exhibition.

70% of Dalí's Visitors were from out of town. Local tourism traffic was way up, but museum traffic wasn't.

We needed to fix this, but we also saw local attendance as a new area of improvement.

The Dalí Museum

We built a campaign that would attract attention at the right moment for locals and visitors.

Brand Identity

Integrated advertising campaign ad

Ads filled the boarding passes and the baggage claims for arriving flights.

Integrated advertising campaign ad

Integrated Advertising

53% increase in unique visitors to the museum website
Dalí Museum banner ads
Dalí Museum banner ads

Locals searching for weekend activities got a pop of digital color.

  • Print ad for Dalí Museum
  • Billboard ad for the Dalí Museum
  • Out-of-home advertising for Dalí Museum
  • Out-of-home advertising for Dalí Museum
Integrated advertising campaign materials

And the exhibit itself followed suit.

Content Studios

40% traffic increase to the museum in the first two months
Brochure for our integrated advertising campaign

Relevant content in decision making moments created behavioral change for the Dalí/Warhol exhibit and beyond. In the 2 years since implementing this approach we’ve nearly doubled museum traffic.



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