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Uniting a brand for separate customers

Uniting a brand for separate customers

Rapid growth over the years and a very sales minded culture created a fragmented brand. MarineMax had 55 locations across the U.S., sold boats ranging from 10’ to 100’+, and interacted with everyone from the salty fisherman to the refined yacht buyer.

Through market immersion and collaboration across MarineMax organization, we built a brand that helped unify the company and drive sales.

Family on boat
Boating Magazine's Campaign of the Year

Content Studios

We started with their customers. We broke them into 4 lifestyle categories.

Mother and daughter sitting on beach
Increases in Web Traffic, Sales, and Stock Price
Man wakeboarding in ocean
Woman sitting on boat

We defined the unique drivers for Leisure, Watersports, Fishing and Luxury.

Brand Identity

Man with fishing hook and fishing line
  • Brand Identity and Integrated Campaign Materials
  • Brand Identity and Integrated Campaign Materials
  • Brand Identity and Integrated Campaign Materials

We created United by Water to be the catalyst for connections across many levels.

Experience Design

Print ads for our integrated campaign

Ads and videos shared a related format, but the stories within each execution capture the individual essence of each lifestyle.

Print ad for our integrated advertising campaign

In addition to the emotional aspects and relevant stories, the brand and marketing materials were built for retail too.

Integrated advertising campaign material

Now boaters across the country are flying under a new flag.



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