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Motif Hotel Seattle

Underperforming to Top-Performing

Motif Hotel Seattle

There are few places in the country as distinctive as 5th Avenue and Pike Street in Seattle. But the hotel that rested there was burdened by its fluttering Red Lion corporate flag. This unparalleled property was in need of a new life. With a new name, brand and experiences, site traffic and booking escalated and it quickly became Seattle’s top performing hotel.

After immersing ourselves in the Emerald City's famed Hall of Music, Fashion and Technology we began to see patterns emerge.

Motif Hotel Seattle
Motif Hotel Seattle Lobby

It was the people of Seattle who wove the fabric of it's legendary culture.

Brand Identity

Woman sitting in chair
Couple walking at Motif Hotel Seattle
127% increase of referral traffic

And that's where we got our name from.

Motif – a reoccurring element with symbolic significance.

Content Studios

  • Layout of brand identity materials
  • Bag
  • Door hanger
  • Hotel room pillow
  • Brand identity materials
Pattern design exploration
Featured in PRINT

Experience Design

40% year over year increase in website traffic

But overtime, the brand will evolve just like Seattle – reinventing itself with the influence of new cultural catalysts.

2016 Motif Hotel Seattle pattern design



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