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Hilton Sedona

Finding the Right Path

In-Progress Preview

Sedona Trail

Working with Hilton Corporate and ownership, we shifted the property’s positioning and values to embrace the combination of adventure and culture that is unique to Sedona. The foundation of “Endeavor Beyond” was born and teams from management to food and beverage rallied to help re-ignite demand for a declining hotel.

We created a website to educate and inspire employees about the new direction.

Then collaborated to design actual experiences that enable guests to maximize their Sedona experience.

Internal team website
Topographic map

A large-scale topographic map is the central point for a more immersive check-in experience.

Brand Identity

Trail cards extend exploration.

Trail cards
To-go breakfast blends

Early breakfast features adventure-friendly offerings and to-go options that fuel guests throughout their day.

Experience Design



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