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In 2008, we developed Share A Little Sunshine: an online platform that turned Florida’s 19 million residents into Florida advocates whose voice could help improve the economy. As social channels evolved, we recognized an opportunity to better connect with our fans while getting them to show off all they love about the Sunshine State.

Social media’s influence on travel is great. So we positioned our platform to benefit from the amazing daily adventures being socially shared across Florida.

Through our #LoveFL campaigns, we've built an army of advocates to tell the ever-evolving, but always bright story of Florida travel.

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People are sharing everything from hidden gems of the Keys to the magic of Orlando.


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Social feeds are filling up with brand and user-generated Florida content that inspire envy in the eyes of friends and targeted audiences across the nation.

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  • Screenshot from Share a Little Sunshine social feed
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Share a Little Sunshine website featuring Bragging Season

In Florida we don't really have the winter season, so we created Bragging Season where we amp up the sharing.

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We remind our frozen friends of Florida's beauty during the most miserable weather.

Social post for Bragging Season and #LoveFL

Over the past 7 years, our growing community has become the next generation of travel agents through one simple ask – share what you love.



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