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A Destination Emerges From Neutral

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For years Tampa Bay had been getting lost amidst the sunshine sameness of Florida’s destinations.

Without a unique personality, national and international focus groups ranked our hometown poorly – in the middle or worse of every category. How could an area rich with history and lore rank lower in authenticity than the manufactured machine of Orlando? The results were a rally for us and destination leaders to unlock our potential and reclaim prominence with a personality that was true to the spirit of the Bay. And when we made the change, residents and locals couldn’t help but notice.

Our job was more than creating a new logo for a destination.

We had to awaken local pride with an identity that was relevant and authentic.

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We looked to elements of Tampa's past along with the growing popularity of our month long, pirate-themed Gasparilla festival.

Back-to-back record highs for bed-tax

Brand Identity

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We set out to capture the daring exploration that has always been true of the area & then transformed it into our offering.

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'We're extremely proud of our new brand, it stands out everywhere we use it.' – Santiago Corrada, CEO Visit Tampa Bay
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The brand investment is paying off. Each of the two years following the rebrand have shattered local bed tax records.



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