Load pages not guns.

We believe in any fulfilling agency job, loving what you do and loving who you do it with go hand in hand. We move each other to get creative, think past the first idea, and have a little fun doing it.

Genuine Collaboration

Never you, always us. We believe the very best solutions come when there is true collaboration internally and with our clients. SPARK always has been and always will be made of partnerships that come from a place of empathy and a genuine eagerness to lend a hand.

Care Deeply

Real passion can’t be faked. What excites us is the journey to the right answers – and often they don’t present themselves the first time around. When both of our teams care deeply about any project, initiative, or campaign the results make us proud.

Grow or Go

Win every day. Everyone loves those award-winning projects (trust us, we do too). But we believe growth doesn’t come from a name in a publication. It’s a determination to push a little more today than you did yesterday.


Full time? Fully covered. We provide 100% of health benefits for our full-time employees in the Tampa office.

Sick Days

Getting sick happens. We offer unlimited sick days so that our employees can rest, recover, and return to work when they are back to feeling their best.


Growth is a lifelong process, which is why we support our employees in attending classes, attending conferences, and receiving certifications to help them continue progressing in their roles.


We work hard. And play hard. Every quarter we take the entire day off to enjoy something together. The beach, softball, river tubing and shuffleboard are among the list of our SPARK days.

Parental Leave

Welcome to the SPARK family. (SPARK sponsors new parents at 100% of their pay, depending on tenure at the agency and type of birth. Spark birthing leave under this policy is a paid leave associated where an employee births a child.)

Happy Hours/Perks

Free parking, monthly agency lunches, and SPARK-sponsored happy hours are just a few of the perks our employees enjoy.

401K Match

Looking toward the future. We provide our full-time employees with a 401k plan and match up to 3% to boost savings and invest in their future retirement.


Inspiration can lead to insight and the creation of more awesome work. We encourage employees to seek out experiences that help inspire their creativity and then ask that they share their learnings with the rest of the agency.

Phase 0: The Strategy

Fitness Plan

For those whose bodies are just as active as their minds, we teamed up with Peerfit so that our employees can keep their fitness routines exciting with new classes or expanded programs.

Available Positions

Does SPARK seem like the kind of place you’d want to work? We’re always looking for new talent so if you think we’d make a good match, apply for a position below or shoot over your resume. 

Media (FL)

Media Buyer

SPARK is looking for someone who is strong in digital ad operations and comfortable managing media buys across digital, social and traditional platforms. This individual must be comfortable in a fast-paced environment and managing diverse projects. Think that’s you? Let’s talk.

Media (FL)

Media Planner

SPARK is looking for a Media Planner who will develop multi-channel, integrated plans and implement media buys across all digital and traditional platforms. Someone with a passion for research who can ideate multiple solutions to a given challenge. Sound like you? Let’s talk.

Creative (FL)

Production Artist

SPARK is looking for an organized and efficient Production Artist. A buttoned-up, quick and meticulous creative, who pays strict attention to the details and knows the ins-and-outs of Adobe Creative Suite. If you’d like the opportunity to work in an exciting, fast-paced, creative environment with a talented group of people, let’s talk.

Social (FL)

Social Media Manager

SPARK is looking for a Social Media Manager that is savvy with social trends and swift to respond to them. Someone who is an exceptional writer with a creative mind and has a knack for building relationships online and offline. If this is you, let’s talk.

Operations (FL)

Traffic Manager

SPARK is looking for a Traffic Manager who will oversee and manage all agency resource allocations. This individual will help pave the way for great work by identifying and maximizing resources based on current (and future) needs.