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American Heart Association - Heart Walk Refresh

While it was the first of its kind in the 1980’s, the American Heart Association Heart Walk had not changed much since. Fighting heart disease and stroke is something many can connect with, but the event couldn’t keep up in the changing landscape of peer-to-peer fundraising. Using everything from email marketing campaigns to emoji sticker packs, we transformed and rebranded the participant experience design of their 300+ national events into a connected, lifelong movement. 

Our rebrand began with splitting the event’s participant experience design into three, more strategic legs that celebrate progress while motivating future action.

#HeartWalking is any burst of energy that gets the heart pumping. It can turn sponsoring a booth into sponsoring an active engagement with a potential customer. Now people aren’t just exercising—they’re taking small steps to a healthier heart.

We designed event materials and a system and that could be easily applied to the 300+ events in different communities around the country. The rebrand introduced a fresh aesthetic without losing any brand equity.

To help motivate participants, we created a HeartWalking “mascot” that made its way onto everything from event posters to messaging emoji packs.

To unite the passionate with the I’m-here-for-work, we put meaning to the money through an informative email marketing campaign aimed at changing lives, not just raising dollars.

25%-30% Open Rate
8%-10% Click Through Rate
>.05% Unsubscribe Rate

We move people
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