Cue elevator music.


If you’ve ever been on a video conference call, you’ve likely had to ask yourself, “Did the call just drop again?” To position AVI-SPL as a company you could trust to make those video connectivity problems a thing of the past, we created a national, integrated marketing campaign with 25 creative elements and an IT professional approved media strategy around the biggest communications frustration—the glitch.

Farewell Frozen Faces

Our concept was simple: failed video communications make you look bad. So all of our creative campaign elements featured those glitchy, hard-to-look at frozen faces we all know too well. Each video was created in-house by our SPARK Studios content creation team and features many of AVI-SPL’s co-op partners without distracting from the main message.

To get our message in front of IT professionals and C-suite executives, our media strategy had to stand out. Our integrated marketing campaign launched with an augmented reality print ad in Fast Company and Wired Magazine.

All messaging drove to,
a SPARK-created microsite.

The creative campaign generated leads from coast to coast, positioning AVI-SPL as a national company of influence.

“That’s the type of quality SPARK puts out there for AVI-SPL. The content is world class.”

-Don Mastro Executive Vice President, Sales, AVI SPL

25,000+ visitors to the site

1,000+ on-site views of the services video

7:00+ average time on site

CTR’s 50% above the national average

We move people
to trust.

We move people