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Breast cancer survivor posing for the in our hands healthcare campaign with her arms crossed over her chest, palms facing out, and pink paint on her hands.

BayCare Health Systems

We don’t need more Breast Cancer awareness – we need more people taking action to beat it. That’s why BayCare Health Systems came to us to turn their October efforts into an experience-driven, hands-on healthcare campaign that not only celebrated survivors, supporters, and caregivers, but empowered both women and men to put their breast health in their hands.

A video used in our breast cancer awareness campaign for BayCare.baycare-play

Breast cancer has a 98% survival rate when detected early.

The physical act of placing our hands over our breasts symbolizes the power we have over breast cancer. Not only can we use our hands to check for abnormalities in our breasts, we have a choice in where and how we are treated.

No talent. No models. No scripts.

The creative campaign featured 50+ real survivors, supporters, and BayCare breast specialists volunteering to tell their stories.

The campaign was activated across social media and out at numerous events throughout the month of October. Men and women throughout Tampa Bay got involved and helped spread the message of self-checks.

Continuing the conversation year-round.

The campaign’s microsite housed everything from patient stories, to UGC, to life-saving information. And because breast cancer affects people beyond just October, this site will be live year-round, with a special focus on breast cancer awareness in October.

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