Ever feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog day?

Close up of coppertail beer branding and bottle packaging design.
Close up of coppertail beer branding and bottle packaging design.

Coppertail Brewing Co.

Florida’s craft beer scene was on the rise. People craved more individuality and when a home-brewing former lawyer asked us to help him give it to them, we raised a glass to the task. With just a character and a name from the imagination of a 5-year old, we built a beer branding and packaging design system that stands up to mega-breweries by being not just a great beer, but one of legends.

In our initial competitive research, we were met with beer aisles stocked with bottle after bottle of colorful labels. Beyond creating a distinctive personality, we knew color, or an absence of, would play a role in branding and packaging design.

A legend was born.

We created a dark yet whimsical world based on encounters with the legendary C-Monster that would be used on everything from labels to packaging and before we even launched, people were requesting the product.

Awards + Recognition

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“The label tells a rich story while leaving plenty of room for the imagination of the consumer to go to work.” - TheDieline.com

Still on top.

To this day, we outperform competition on Publix shelves on average of 10-20% and continue to work with the founders and artist to turn speciality batches into more Coppertail sightings.

We move people
to embrace the magical.

We move people