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Dali in makeup looking off into distance
Dali in makeup looking off into distance

The Dalí Museum

Even with rotating exhibits, some museums can go from novel to stagnant. That’s why The Dalí Museum, despite their architecturally astounding new facility, began to see historically low levels of attendance. With the Warhol show approaching, we developed an integrated marketing strategy with a creative campaign that combines the pop and quirk of both artists, optimized with a vistor-targeting media distribution plan. 

Behind the scenes at The Dali Museum photo shoot.dali-play

By pairing the bright creative with a strategic media distribution plan in airports and other visitor hubs, The Dalí saw a 44% increase in museum traffic and a 53% increase in unique visitors to the site within the first 2 months of the campaign.

Since then, we’ve doubled museum traffic with ongoing media campaigns. With each of the other dozen new exhibits, our media distribution strategy targets regular museum lovers as well as niche segments who may have an interest in the art’s subject matter. Digital ad engagement continues perform consistently above industry standards.

And in 2016, we took on the museum’s social media marketing and strategy. Our consistent evaluation and optimization has more than doubled the local audience.

Year to Date:
46% increase in museum traffic
201.18% increase in social engagement

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