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hotel branding elements for Fenway Hotel -hospitality branding project
hotel branding elements for Fenway Hotel -hospitality branding project

Fenway Hotel

To say the Fenway of Dunedin, FL, has lived many lives is an understatement. But to start its story as Fenway Hotel, we pulled inspiration from the beginning of it all—its time as a radio station in the 1920s. Like the disc jockeys or the jazz they played over the air, Fenway Hotel branding channels a vibrant and palpable energy while adapting to its environment.

We delivered

Dunedin is a small-town escape for people from all over, rich in history, and next to some of the nation’s most iconic beaches. And with Fenway’s first life as the area’s jazz station, it’s no coincidence that our logo design resembles a radio tower.

Elements of the hotel branding almost seem to move to the music, highlighting activities happening in and around the property.

Improvisation was pulled through the visual identity and the hotel’s operation, allowing for a variety of executions and activations.

A prime place for weddings and events, this identity knows when to take the stage or let others have the mic.

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