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Gary Johnson photo
Gary Johnson photo treated with the new brand identity.

Gary Johnson

Disclaimer: This is not a political ad.

The two candidates who dominated the 2016 election cycle left many voters at a fork in the road seeking a viable 3rd option. So we wondered what would happen if we created a presidential brand design and creative campaign based on this consumer insight? Putting our personal politics aside, we challenged ourselves to do just that for independent candidate Gary Johnson—all in just a couple of weeks. Fun, right? Johnson’s campaign staff thought so too.

We delivered

In short, Gary Johnson was a third-party, self-made, mountain biking, Mount Everest-climbing, badass former governor labeled the “sanest person running for president” by GQ. He ran on a platform that was fiscally Republican but socially Democrat.

Designing outside of the (ballot) box.

This goldilocks brand design uses red and blue side by side with the name Johnson bridging the gap in purple. We also introduced a disrupted American flag to create a pattern that reflects the desire to break up the two party system.

Johnson’s campaign took notice.

Not long after we shared our spec brand and creative campaign, Johnson’s staff swiped the work. We were excited to see the work get better visibility and wanted to give them the tools to execute it right. The very next day we sent a response.


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