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Room key packet for hotel in California.
Inn At The Mission room key packet

Inn at the Mission

The fastest way for a sequel to fail is to write the same plot as the original and call it a new movie. The same holds true for a ground-up hotel brand inspired by a historic Spanish mission still standing right down the road. Inn at the Mission San Juan Capistrano needed its hotel branding to be the continuation of a story started long ago and not a direct copy—the yin to history’s yang.

We delivered

San Juan Capistrano could be to California what St. Augustine is to Florida – a place to take a break from the beach and touch a piece of history. Like two love birds, the hotel and the mission compliment one another in every way.

The brand celebrates the past while grounding guests in the romance of the present and inviting them to write the future.

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PRINT logo

Our swallows’ wings guide guests and their feathers become a pattern used throughout the identity.

We move people
to journey with the past.

We move people