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men fishing off side of boat in water
An above and below shot of a boat in the water.


Sales-driven cultures can fragment brands, turning their segments into competition. But when MarineMax came to us to help unify their 55 locations, we knew we could get them all flying under the same flag. Through market immersion, we found everyone from the salty fisherman to the refined yacht buyer shared a common thread— the stories they made on the water. This insight set the tone for the rest of this boat branding adventure.

Starting with their consumers, we split buyers into 4 lifestyle categories: leisure, watersports, fishing, and luxury.

Out on the water.

Though each had a different relationship with the boats, the theme of “United by Water” became the catalyst for other connections across many levels.

SPARK Studios put together a photo shoot that captured each segment’s individual essence and lifestyle.

Boating Magazine Campaign of the Year.

Ads, videos, direct mail, retail experiences, and a brand guidelines book each shared a related format, but the stories within each execution changed based on the audience.

United by Water resulted in two consecutive years of y/y increases of web traffic and sales.

We move people
to unite on the water.

We move people