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Open spread of book layout for stylish Florida restaurant and store.
Open spread of book layout for stylish Florida restaurant and store.

Oxford Exchange

A great brand is one people share. So when Oxford Exchange here in Tampa ranked one of the country’s top 10 most instagrammed restaurants just 3 years after opening—it was clear they were doing something right. Without any materials that clearly explained the thought behind the branding, our challenge was to sell the community and curated dream to new investors and partners.

By taking the personality of the Tampa Bay area and turning it into a physical destination, Oxford Exchange created a one-of-a-kind venue. The space houses a restaurant, cafe, bookstore, multiple retailers, and co-work space, making this somewhere anyone could come to and feel at home or get inspired.

Our studios team captured photos that showcase everything from thoughtful architectural details to moments of discovery in the book store.

The clean final brochure design partnered with stunning, full-bleed images highlights both the versatility and warmth of Oxford Exchange’s many spaces. Today, they continue to make valuable partnerships with similarly-minded brands like Warby Parker while seeking to bring the OE spirit to other locations in Florida.

We moved people
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We move people