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Woman uses laptop outside by bamboo.
Woman uses laptop outside by bamboo.

Texas Children's Patient Experience

A well-defined culture shapes the way an organization grows. Texas Children’s Hospital values were in full effect across the organization, so they saw their new hospital in The Woodlands, Texas, as an opportunity to set the tone for the customer (patient) experience before the first one was even seen. Together, we set out again to operationalize their values.

We delivered

It began with a summit to discuss the desired patient outcomes. They wanted patients to feel personally cared for, like the Texas Children’s Hospital team was on their side, and a sense of community. With a little rearranging, we arrived at the acronym chrp—a new way to look at caring for patients.

How it works.

Like a funnel, the website works to explain the organization’s overall goals and as you scroll, information becomes more and more tailored to your specific position at The Woodlands.

Touchpoints like our Patient Passport help break down the barriers between patients and employees in a fun way with activities.

“My biggest surprise and greatest joy in working with SPARK has been around the commitment of every single person who works there and their commitment to Texas Children’s.”
– Linda Aldred, Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Texas Children’s Hospital

We move people
to deliver a new kind of care.

We move people