Share A Little Sunshine

Creating tools for Floridians to brag on social.

During winter, the viral spread of Florida content and “brags” nearly doubled in social sharability. Since winter is a key time period to drive travel to Florida, and out-of-staters contend with the challenges of cold, hard winters, we had a key opportunity to remind them traveling to Florida is the best option to escape.


impressions in the
fourth year


engagement rate in the fourth year


increase in partner participation in the third year

We tapped into the expansive Share A Little Sunshine community full of Florida fans to help spread the message about Florida’s great winter weather.

We created social graphics, photos, and GIFs that made bragging efforts easy for VISIT FLORIDA’s partners.

With every post, mention, and share, social feeds of friends and targeted audiences across the nation fill up with envy-inducing brand and user-generated content for Share a Little Sunshine every year.

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