Someone taking a picture of friends on the beach with their iPhone.
Someone taking a picture of friends on the beach with their iPhone.
Share a Little Sunshine

From zero to 3 billion impressions.

Social is a powerful tool for destinations and travel marketers. To help VISIT FLORIDA bring economy-boosting tourism to the state, we created Share A Little Sunshine, a social media marketing tool powered by the feeds of Florida’s millions of residents sharing why they love Florida. Though we started at 0, this community of now 650K+ members has created 3M pieces of content and helped us earn 3 Billion impressions and counting.


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We may be biased, but there are countless reasons to #LoveFL.

From the hidden gems of the Keys to the Magic of Orlando, amazing Florida adventures are being socially shared every day. We ask people to tag those posts with #LoveFL.

Events like a 48Hr Instameet across 14 cities and seasonal #LoveFL campaigns continually bring the community together on and offline to tell the bright story of Florida of travel – social media marketing in its most authentic form.

With every post, mention, and share, social feeds of friends and targeted audiences across the nation fill up with envy-inducing brand and user-generated Share a Little Sunshine content.

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An ongoing story.

Our growing community and ongoing social marketing campaigns continue to create the next generation of travel agents through one simple ask – share what you love.

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