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These experiences
pique interest,
and connect.

Done right, they become the unforgettable moments that shape meaningful and lasting relationships.

We create unforgettable moments

  • SPARK Day at Derby Lane

    With each other

    Agency-wide SPARK day at Derby Lane


  • Sunset cruise with Visit Florida

    With our clients

    Sunset cruise with Meagan Houser and Visit Florida


  • Epicurean Hotel Bikes on Bayshore Blvd

    For consumers

    Epicurean bikes on Bayshore Blvd



Don't run over the legend

Traveling at 120mph, the race car sped past Mario Andretti, standing just 3 ft way. And he didn't flinch. The adrenaline-filled Firestone TV spot was one of the many National brand campaigns Founder Mike Peters led during 7 years at Grey Worldwide NY.

The day before 9/11

The unofficial beginning of SPARK. After leaving NY a few days earlier, Mike began working on SPARK just hours before the towers were struck.

The unoffical beginning of SPARK
Tony Miller, CEO, starting at SPARK

Cliffside Cigars

In 2005, the coastal cliffs of San Diego were the back drop for an unexpected business meeting. Mike was out to visit friend, Tony Miller. What began has a casual conversation ended with the beginning of partnership discussions. Within a few months, Tony was trading his California cliffs for his new role in Tampa.

SPARK's first shot

Ignorance is bliss

3 days, 452 miles and editing in a Nissan Armada are what it took to give an agency with no shot, their shot. We didn't know any better, but somehow it worked.

We work hard and play hard

Killing It

We work hard. And play hard. Every quarter we take the entire day off to enjoy something together. The beach, softball, river tubing and shuffle board are among the list of our SPARK days.


We create
brand engagements
that fuel passion
& ignite advocacy


We create
brand engagements
that fuel passion
& ignite advocacy

Advertising isn't big enough.

our what

We create brand engagements where consumers live.

In an increasingly complex world, brands can’t survive on siloed interactions with consumers. We look at the spectrum of experiences for a more broad and effective view of how to create thriving business – through Brand Identity, Experience Design, Integrated Advertising, Social Media and Content Studios.

Engagement triumphs interruption.

our how

We connect brands and consumers through relevance and intrigue.

We’re not in the business of wasting anyone’s time with selfish interruptions. Based in empathy and consumer insight, we find the truth in a story, cater it to an interested audience and deliver in a time and manner that transforms curiosity into action.

Make moments worth sharing.

our why

We believe in the power of unforgettable moments.

Long-term Relationships hold far greater value than singular transactions. Built from meaningful engagements, these strong bonds cultivate the kind of mutual admiration that people can’t help but share.




We believe the very best solutions come when there is true collaboration internally and with our clients. To foster those collaborative partnerships, we demonstrate empathy and genuinely listen to gain understanding.


Do it

We won’t settle for the first right answer. We push to find the very best solution to our challenge and in doing so, we can provide a work product that constantly exceeds expectations.


or Go

We are an agency that wants to be more than we are today. We strive for better. Therefore, we look for employees and clients and share the same drive.



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Tampa, FL 33609

San Diego

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