We believe in any fulfilling agency job, loving what you do and loving who you do it with go hand-in-hand. We move each other to get creative, think past the first idea, and have a little fun doing it.

100% Free Health

We provide 100% of health insurance for our full-time employees in the Tampa office.

401K Match

Looking toward the future. We provide our full-time employees with a 401k plan and match up to 3% to boost savings and invest in their future retirement.


Growth is a lifelong process, which is why we support our employees in attending classes, attending conferences, and receiving certifications to help them continue progressing in their roles.


We work hard and play hard. Twice a year we take the entire day off to enjoy something together. The beach, softball, river tubing and shuffleboard are among the list of our SPARK days.

Parental Leave

Welcome to the SPARK family. SPARK sponsors new parents at 100% of their pay, depending on tenure at the agency and type of birth. SPARK birthing leave under this policy is a paid leave associated where an employee births a child.

Happy Hours/Perks

Free parking, monthly agency lunches, and SPARK-sponsored happy hours are just a few of the perks our employees enjoy.

available positions

Does SPARK seem like the kind of place you’d want to work? We’re always looking for new talent so if you think we’d make a good match, apply for a position below or shoot over your resume.

Brand (FL/CA/Remote)

Brand Manager

SPARK is looking for a Brand Manager who will be responsible for managing key client relationships, contributing to brand and marketing strategy and leading collaboration between agency and client teams. Your objective is to keep the agency and client headed in the right direction, together. You do this by managing the details around each project and staying focused on the reasons why we are doing them. Part detective and part translator, you are passionate about uncovering insights and using them to create context so your team can succeed.

Creative (FL/CA/Remote)

Art Director

SPARK is searching for an Art Director to concept and refine executions for campaigns driven by brand strategy. Our Art Directors’ mission is to elevate our work by exploring new media, reinventing old ones, and using insights to make people stop. From entire subway stations to a card with a popsicle, there are plenty of opportunities to bring a new perspective to our visual craft.

Creative (FL/CA/Remote)


SPARK needs a savvy Designer who knows their way around a concept. SPARK Designers contribute to elevating work from initial idea to final design—no “it just looks cool” here. If you are a champion of detail and design craft with an appetite for exploring new approaches to branding and advertising, read on.

Social (FL/CA)

Senior Social Media Manager

SPARK is searching for a Senior Social Media Manager. You sit squarely in the center where consumer conversations and client business priorities intersect. You bring visibility of where the real opportunities lie to create meaningful connections that make a real difference. You are savvy with social trends, are an exceptional collaborator and have a knack for building relationships online—and offline. You are proactive with ideas, eager to push beyond the first right answer and bring a real passion for social media solutions.

Social (FL/CA)

Social Media Manager

SPARK is searching for a Social Media Manager. You are savvy with social trends, an exceptional writer with a creative mind and bring a knack for building relationships online—and offline. You bring exciting opportunities that help our clients develop and grow their communities and brands, and you are passionate about the 24/7 lifestyle that is social media. Your inquisitive approach brings insights that help them to influence online brand strategies, and you thrive in an environment where you can work with others to develop ideas to create real impact.

Studios (FL/CA)

Senior Editor

SPARK is seeking a Senior Editor who is eager to learn, contribute, and collaborate with our creative teams. You are a storyteller who is passionate about working together to create visual narratives that move people. You are a multi-talker who delivers emotional stories from broadcast to social. Someone who is just as excited about working with the creative team to develop concepts and style boards as you are about getting behind the screen with them to create visually-driven content and experiences. If this sounds like you, read on.

Brand (FL/CA/Remote)

Brand Director

SPARK is looking for a Brand Director who will serve as a compass for both the client and agency teams. You live in the place where the need to create meaningful impact on our clients’ business and the desire to create great work intersect. You bring strategic insight that can serve as the foundation for our ideas. You create relationships at all levels to ensure the value of what the agency brings is recognized internally and externally. You serve as a trusted advisor and sounding board for clients and your team. You are the voice for the bigger picture and and willing to challenge when needed. Equal parts coach, investigator, inspirer and contributor, you bring the right pieces and perspectives together to ensure agency & client, creative & strategy and business & art can work together towards progress.

Operations (FL/CA/Remote)

HR Manager

As SPARK’s HR Manager you’re responsible for progressing the growth of SPARK’s most valuable assets—our people—by recruiting & growing our current (and future) talent. You have a knack for communication with a variety of talent types, a resourceful approach to talent identification, and have a passion for human resources. You are a proactive self-starter, who anticipates the needs of others and understands how to support internal team needs, while building relationships both internally and externally. You masterfully (and flexibly) balance internal culture initiatives, drive recruitment efforts, support leadership needs, and help us celebrate the success of our people along the way. Your core focus is to ensure that SPARK has programs, resources, and policies in place to provide employee happiness, meaningful individual and team growth, while setting everyone up for success.