Our Team

SPARK’s culture is obsessively collaborative and transparent. It begins with our leaders and extends to every SPARK team member.

Our Leaders

Whether they’re leading the company’s vision, growing new business, or getting their hands dirty in the day-to-day, our founder, Mike, and partners, Dulani and Elliott have brought SPARK a long way from a 5-person team with a dream.

Michael Peters


Dulani Porter


Elliott Bedinghaus

Elliott Bedinghaus


Nashira Babooram

Senior Director of Marketing

Rodobaldo Gonzalez III

Social Media Director

Cameron Blank

Brand Director

George Stein

Creative Director

Jessie Hamlin

Director of Employee Experience

Janel Mitchell

Director of Project Management

Daniel Urbanski

Studios Creative Director

Michael Higgins

Creative Director

Adam Moffat

Studio Director

Ryan Farinella

Finance Director

Meg Rashkin

Brand Director

Matt Bongiolatti

Associate Creative Director

Ben Fong

Art Director

Kellie Overton

Social Creative Director

Jeni Overton

Senior Social Media Manager

Shelby Cormier

Senior Brand Manager

Miranda Cromwell

Digital Media Buyer

Briera Crockett

Motion Designer

McKenzie Mazzella

Social Media Coordinator

Shea Sweeney

Social Copywriter

Sara Haun

Senior Project Manager

Candice Lockhart

Senior Project Manager

Geoff Johnson

Senior Copywriter

Ryan Montgomery

Associate Creative Director

Aaron Keith

Social Art Director

Fiona Lord

Senior Brand Manager

Adriana Leite da Matta Machado

Associate Creative Director Copy

Alex Bulloch

Agency Producer

Corey Darnell

Production Designer

Santi Jaramillo

Senior Designer

Michael Grubbs

Art Director