Fires are built from the inside out.

Our approach to building and growing strong brands begins with a few key beliefs: Be you, without apology. Brands can’t stand out if they don’t stand for something. Inner beauty shines outward. Lasting brands improve what’s inside before focusing on shiny packaging. Advertising isn’t enough. Every action is an important opportunity to reinforce your truth and build trust. So Share your passion. Fans, employees, and communities connect with (and advocate for) brands that lead with their values. Speaking of which….


All In

There’s no faking at SPARK. We make a point of getting invested and
deeply caring about the work, each other, our clients, and bringing our best to all we do.

All Together

SPARK is a place for open minds, doors, and ears. We team-up
and collaborate, embrace new ideas and opinions, and invite more people to the table. We’re transparent, direct, and flexible, and we strive to be ego-free conversation-starters.

Always Forward

We believe in growth. Personal and business growth. We’re always learning, training,
and improving. People here are always looking to shift things into the
next gear, and we support one another in every effort to level-up.



We Say We

There’s no “me.” No flying solo. We gather strength from the group effort. Both within our team and with our friends, partners, and clients. Together, we talk like humans, compromise, and value the wisdom of experience. We open up and admit when we’re wrong, and we show our scars without shame.


We Move People

We want to make stuff that hits people in their hearts. Makes them laugh, cry, want to share with friends — whatever — as long as it creates a response and motivates them to act. That’s why we chose this as our craft.


We Get Our Rhyme
from Reason

That looks cool. Yeah, it’s dope. But does it have meaning? Does it tell a story? Is it backed up by data and sound strategic thinking? That style had better come with a whole lot of meaty substance. Mmmm, meaty substance.


We Keep It Real

Before we were brand people or design people, we were just people. We try to stay that way. We keep things in real-life perspective. We’re not into jargon, pretense, or BS. We get to what matters, act with empathy, and keep things in balance.

Side by Side by Side

SPARK’s culture is obsessively collaborative and transparent. It begins with founder Michael Peters and partners Elliott Bedinghaus and Dulani Porter, who began working together 15 years ago, and extends to every SPARK team member.

/ Design a solution. / The truth is powerful.

Obsess the details. / Don’t just listen. Seek understanding /

Design the process, the experience, the interaction. /

This is a team sport/ Check your ego at the door. /