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Social Media

Don’t just post it - earn it.

While you could just start sharing your message, successful social strategies are a two way street. Get to the root of what consumers value and invest in finding ways to give as much as you ask for, because building loyalty always pays off.

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01 Evaluation and Strategy

Don’t just talk to talk.

Without a sound strategy, you’re simply spinning your wheels creating content that leads to little return and a lot of frustration. We build strategy from what people are actually talking about and looking for to give each post a purpose your audience can connect with.

    • Evaluation of social landscape
    • Measurement plan
    • Social brand guidelines
    • Social media training
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02 Content Creation and Management

Create with purpose.

Social media management is easy. The hard part? Finding a partner that can manage while being creative, analytical, responsive, and strategic – all at once. We’ll help you create and share content while identifying places your message makes the biggest impact.

    • Content creation
    • Posting guides
    • Social media management
    • Social listening
    • Social outreach
    • Social engagement
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03 Reporting and Optimization

Knowledge is power.

You’ve got the handles and the content – but are you learning anything? With real-time numbers and technology changing, what worked yesterday doesn’t always work tomorrow. We analyze the real-time trends to keep up with the landscape and support your day-to-day efforts.

    • Social performance reporting
    • Competitive analysis reporting
    • Hashtag / keyword reporting
    • Campaign reporting
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04 Influencer Marketing

People trust people more than brands.

We find your loudest and proudest fans to tell your story. Their authentic voice and distribution strike a chord with your core customers that help gain momentum for your brand.

    • Influencer identification
    • Influencer management
    • Negotiation and arrangement of assignments
    • Content editing
    • Analytics and content distribution
    • Optimization of content

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