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Brand Positioning

We live in a world where two-way conversations are expected and consumers have the biggest voice at the table. When we listen to what they’re saying, we can provide more contextually relevant content that turns people into brand loyal consumers. To create and nurture these communities of advocates, we employ influencer marketing campaigns that impact the purchase decisions of your customers. With partners like TapInfluence we can find, manage, and empower trusted advocates to tell authentic stories from their point of view. From there, we can optimize our influencer campaigns based on our influencers’ strengths to optimize content and gain momentum for your brand.


  • Influencer Identification
  • Influencer Management
  • Negotiation and Arrangement of Assignments
  • Content Editing
  • Analytics and Content Distribution
  • Optimization of Content

Case Study

Visit Florida

Through social listening and research, we learned that 52% of Facebook users say their friends’ photos have inspired travel plans. This meant that we needed to employ influencer marketing to authentically spread our message and reach consumers. With our diverse group of Visit Florida advocates, we’ve created an influencer campaign with over 450 pieces of content across multiple social media platforms that showcase different parts of Florida. In the first month alone, we saw a 91% increase in blog views and 87x more reach y/y.



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