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Social media

SPARK's Social Media Services

The question isn’t whether or not people are talking about your brand.

It’s whether or not you are listening.

Keep the conversations going. We actively listen online to find the patterns, trends and shifts affecting brands. Then we use our deep understanding of social media to build strategies. Our social media marketing strategies arm you with the knowledge, resources and tools that make it easy to extend your online conversations.


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    Social Media

    • Landscape Assessment
    • Customer Segmentation
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    Social Media Strategy

    • Ecosystem
    • Internal On-boarding
    • Community Plan
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    Measurement & Optimization

    • Reporting
    • Insights
    • Vendor Management

Social Media Evaluation

Before diving head first into the waters, we take a look at what story is currently being told, to who and where. We identify the impact areas that can amplify or stimulate new conversations, then constantly optimize going forward. For VISIT FLORIDA, our ongoing evaluations inspire diverse engagements – from quick interactions with visitors to lasting relationships with locals.


Social Media Strategy

Based on the discoveries from the evaluation, a social media strategy is developed integrating both consumer insights and the overall marketing strategy. We create documents and calendars to align all stakeholders, but leave enough flexibility to be responsive to social media’s dynamic needs.



Our expertise is getting people to speak on your brand’s behalf. The execution of social media marketing campaigns can vary, cross-over and integrate between everything from influencer marketing to social advocacy. We shape campaigns to deliver results. By segmenting an existing influencer marketing platform to better target audiences by interest, we delivered 87X the reach of the previous year – and that was just in the first month.


Measurement & Optimization

Measuring social media is the easy part, it’s understanding the data that brings value, impact and momentum to the social media landscape. Even small campaigns may start with 50+ ad variations across social platforms. We combine the data and conversations with our experience to optimize toward top-performing units and posts.



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