We believe that being leaders in our industry means that we need to invest in the next generation of our colleagues. Our intern program is centered around our value of genuine collaboration and we’re looking to work with the best of the best. You will work alongside your fellow interns on real client work all summer. Looking for an internship during the year? We fill positions on a need basis throughout the year. Email us your resume and we will see if there’s a good fit for you.


Our program is built around providing the best possible learning experience for each of our interns.

Real Client Work

No busy work here. You will be working alongside our team on real client work every day. With world-class brands like VISIT FLORIDA, PetSmart Charities, and the University of South Florida, you'll be in good company.

1-on-1 Mentor

You will be assigned a mentor who will be with you every step of the way as you establish your goals, navigate SPARK, and make sure you're leaving with a polished resume and portfolio.


Nothing is better than cash money. You will be paid hourly for all your work at SPARK.

Past Interns

Our goal is to prepare you to confidently enter the world of full-time employment. You will be in good company if you join the ranks of the SPARK intern alumni. Many of our past interns have gone on to have careers here at SPARK, or with other exciting agencies and brands such as Disney, Carat, IBM, City of Tampa, Redbull, Saatchi & Saatchi, and Northwestern Mutual.

Man holds beer while smiling

Alex Coyle

Design Intern > Associate Creative Director

Emily Seitz

Copywriter Intern > Senior Copywriter

Rachel Canning

Brand/Social Intern > Brand Manager

Jason McDade

Design Intern > Designer

Tiffany Ballas

Brand Intern > Senior Brand Manager

Morgan Falcon

Brand Intern > Brand Coordinator

Libby Inlow

Design Intern > Designer


Now, we’re sure you have some questions. Here are hopefully all the answers you need before hitting that apply button:

  1. How does the selection process work?
    Now through April 17th, we’ll be accepting and sorting applications for summer interns. Then, each mentor calls in applicants that rose to the top for an in-person or video interview. The final decisions will be made by April 25th.
  2. Is it paid?
    Does our logo have a flame in it? Do people bring their pets to work? Yes, yes, and yes—so cute.
  3. What if I have class or vacations already planned?
    We’re flexible and will discuss hours and schedules during the interview process.
  4. Speaking of, what are the hours?
    We want to give our interns as immersive as an experience as possible. If you can be, we’ll have you full time with the rest of us. If not, see question #3.
  5. What kind of previous experience are you looking for?
    This is an internship, the most entry levels of entry levels. If you have the excitement, hunger, and ideas, we’re happy to have you whether you’ve worked at 5 agencies or 0.
  6. Does it matter what my major is?
    Our summer interns are usually studying (or have recently studied) some form of mass communications, marketing, advertising, business, fine arts, etc. But we’re open to all who can (and want to) do the work.
  7. Is there a chance I’ll be brought on full time?
    We hire people we want to work with. While nothing is ever guaranteed, it’s always a possibility depending on staffing needs and how far you knock our socks off.
  8. How long is the program?
    May 13th through August 9th.