Luminary Hotel & Co.

Illuminating South Florida’s forgotten stories.

Aside from being the location of Thomas Edison’s winter home, Fort Myers had a reputation of sleepy beach town. But today, a cruise downtown reveals there is so much more. Uncommon friends, unlikely rivals, curious telephone operators, and countless other characters all came together to help create the hotel branding, identity, story, and even outlets for Luminary Hotel & Co.

The Name

A luminary is a person who inspires or influences others, especially one prominent in a particular sphere. The qualifier of “& Co.” shows the outlets are just as important to the experience as the hotel itself.

In addition to our main mark and icons, we collaborated with Fort Myers local, Joshua Noom to bring the stories to life through illustration. Each “character” captures a sense of its inspiration’s eccentricity and personality.

One of the most prominent characters in Fort Myers was the Atlantic Tarpon otherwise known as the “Silver King.” The colors of his shimmering scales serve as our color palette.

With a value in unity over uniformity, our brand needed to be identifiable alone but able to pair with various elements and outlet identities. And while they are all united by a similar illustration style, each outlet brand is inspired by a different Fort Myers story.

living it. Culture /Lead by

truths in real time. Content /Real

Social /Fire up communities.

Campaign /Stop traffic. Drive action.