Galeon Yachts branded print collateral created for their break the mold boat campaign.
Galeon Yachts brochure created for their break the mold boat campaign.
Galeon Yachts

Just saying you’re “different” isn’t a strategy—you have to prove it.

That’s exactly what MarineMax asked us to do for the North American launch of Galeon Yachts. Entering a literal sea of boat advertising sameness, we knew we had to dial in on what truly made this foreign brand, well, foreign. The challenge? Having to create the campaign without ever actually seeing the boat ourselves.

Break the mold.

This tagline influenced the entire campaign—non traditional boat advertising became the name of the game. Photos were laid out across and off of pages, unique textures enhanced the quality of the brochures, and out-of-the-box media placements including a unique, tearable press piece distributed the collateral.

We collaborated with UK-based DW Studio to create an animated video that shows a rendering of the 500 fly literally breaking through a mold. This video helped build excitement for the models release, doing more than any 2D rendering could.

Galeon Yachts video still of boat breaking out of a mold

The goal was to sell 12 boats, but with the help of this yacht advertising campaign, they sold 24 in their first year.

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