Texas Children's Hospital employee smiling in a culture tshirt.
Two Texas Children's Hospital employees smiling in a culture tshirt. Part of an internal hospital branding effort for Texas Children's hospital.
Texas Children's Hospital

Putting culture first to expand a growing team.

A great culture can be easy to understand but hard to communicate. Texas Children’s Hospital knew they had something amazing, so together with their internal teams, we translated what we call their “infinite passion” into a human resources campaign they could share. Something that would positively impact everything from the day-to-day of 14,000+ employees, to strategic healthcare marketing plans for years to come.

Better together.

We worked across the organization doing a year’s worth of surveys, in-person interviews, and working sessions with everyone at Texas Children’s from the CEO to part-time nurses to distill the existing culture into something they could share. This new set of values and bold new aesthetic would unite the organization’s brand moving forward. This bold new tone also led to a refreshed look.


After building excitement about the work for months, it all came together with an employee launch event where we revealed the newly defined culture on a custom website. A tool that continues to be useful healthcare marketing tool for everyone—us included.

Within the first 4 hours, the site had been viewed more than 4,000 times with average session times of over 4:00 minutes.

Since then, we’ve collaborated with various teams to develop new ways for them to remind employees of their values and culture through things like value pin batons, events, and various initiatives.

InfinitePassion.org and other culture efforts have helped land 4 of Texas Children’s Hospital’s top doctor prospects.

“It seems like they’ve been a part of our team
for 5 years.”

– Mark A. Wallace, President & CEO, Texas Children’s Hospital

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