Hotel Fraye

An oasis for the adventurous.

Far from the lights and rhinestones of Nashville’s Broadway Street, this unique setting is an opportunity for visitors to get a more genuine glimpse of the city’s lifestyle. Hotel Fraye is a property that enables guests to immerse themselves in Nashville’s west end neighborhood and find an untold story of the city, its people, culture and history.

A perfect place for anyone who has ever braved the unknown.

This property is an homage to the artists, makers and pioneers that continue to make Nashville one of a kind. Each subtle, artful touch is a celebration of the happy accidents and determined spirits that make the city what it is. You see it in your favorite pair of jeans with that perfectly worn edge on the pocket lining. A suede jacket with just the right amount of stylish fringe. Or a decades-long human right’s issue that required a few brave women from Nashville to tussle with the system to achieve equal voting rights.

Each definition of the Fraye captures both the expression of this city’s fashionable yet seasoned artists and performers, as well as the fortitude and unyielding spirit that fueled its pioneers to break down barriers for the benefit of others. Hotel Fraye – just like Nashville itself – feels as lived-in as it does lavish, and it isn’t ever afraid to take a stand and join the fray.

Whether it’s for a casual drink and a bite or celebrating a special occasion, the hotel’s restaurant is meant to be a communal and social experience for anyone who enters. Similar to the unique spelling of Fraye, we take a unique twist on the composition of our name here.

If you know, you know. A more unique take on the music culture in Nashville, Eddie Ate Dynamite refers to a musicians trick to remembering the strings on a guitar: Eddie Ate Dynamite, Good Bye Eddie (EADGBE). The hotel bar’s name is a wink and a nod to those in the know and stir discussions with those who are curious.