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Content Studios

Content Studios

Capture the moments that can’t be put into words.

Make something worth stopping for.

Video and photography are essential to capturing and telling your brand’s story. Our experience working with the world’s top directors and photographers allowed us to create SPARK Studios in 2007 – our own internationally recognized video production agency is capable of delivering premium TV spots, short films, photos and/or quick, in-the-moment social posts.


  • Brand Films

  • TV Commercials

  • Photography

  • Pre-Roll/Video Ads

  • Web Series

  • Social Content

  • Radio

Brand Films

Chris Craft Brand Film

One of Chris Craft’s greatest assets is their legacy. Working with their brand and leadership team, we created a short film that alluded to that great legacy, while featuring a continued focus on the craftsmanship and innovation that built it in the first place.

TV Commercials

Sweetbay “Meatbay” TV commercial

It’s no secret that Publix dominates the grocery market, especially in the Southeast. Sweetbay Supermarket needed to stand out to gain share. We did that through our creation of Kevin, the Meatbay butcher. His over-the-top passion for meat got attention and increased sales. Each of the 6 TV spots was concepted, produced, filmed and finished at SPARK.

Fully-Integrated, full-service video and photo production for the digital world

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Web Series

Tampa Maid in the Kitchen

Tampa Maid provides a variety of pre-made menu options to restaurants around the country. We created an online series to feature their tasty solutions, in-house chef and quality ingredients. The video production and photography created an approachable and authentic narrative paired with beautiful food photography to inspire and educate other chefs and restaurateurs.

Social Content

Visit Florida Influencer Marketing Video

To grow social reach, we worked with VisitFlorida to re-establish their Influencer Marketing program. Because our strategy is more targeted and diverse, the content must be too. With a nimble approach, we can create quality content catered to the style of each influencer’s following. As part of the program, we filmed adventurer JD Andrews’ trip to the 10,000 islands in Florida.

  • Harley Davidson Motorcycle
  • Hotel Room
  • Hotel Balcony
  • Bowl of food
  • Boat Sailing on Water
  • Boat in water

Pre-Roll/Video Ads

Reeves Audi Conquest

Our research showed that luxury car shoppers aren’t as loyal to their brands as many think. With that insight we developed comparative online videos to show how Audi surpasses its competition in almost every category. Local footage and narratives resonated with the hometown audience, while seamless motion graphics highlighted the superior vehicle. Our video production services combined with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, the videos racked up over 1M views.

Advertising Production Case Study Videos

AVI SPL at Enbridge

Any brand’s previous work can be influential to attracting its next wave of clients. Our well-produced case study videos have been a powerful and effective means of storytelling for a number of our clients as they pitch Fortune 100 companies.


VisitFlorida #LoveFL Radio Spot

To round out our suite of Studio services, we have audio engineering and sound design. With an ISDN patch in our office, we can dial-in voice talent from anywhere right into our studio. For VisitFlorida, we used that technology to produce, record and mix 10 variations, adaptations and extensions of one radio spot concept.



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