Don’t just post it—earn it.

While you could just start sharing your message, a successful social media strategy and marketing plan is a two-way street. Building loyalty always pays off, so we get to the root of what your consumers value and invest in finding ways to give as much as you ask for. 

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Social Media Strategy

Without a sound social media marketing strategy, you’re creating content that leads to little return and lots of frustration. We build social strategies that are grounded in a solid understanding of your brand sentiment—what people say about you when you leave the room. We align your current social presence with your overall business and marketing goals to give each post a purpose.

    • Social landscape analysis and integration plan
    • Performance analysis
    • Baseline metrics report
    • Vendor and software POV
    • Brand tone and guidelines
    • KPIs measurement plan

Case Study:

VISIT FLORIDA Social Media Influencer Program

VISIT FLORIDA has about as many audience segments as there are things to do in the Sunshine State (that’s a lot). So, instead of creating content we thought all of those people wanted to see, we handed over the camera and empowered travelers with existing followings to drive our social marketing strategy. Throughout our influencer marketing program, we proved you don’t need more content to make more impact.

Two white women at Ft Lauderdale postcard mural - a still taken from an influencer marketing video. vf-influencers-play

98.49% increase in average views per blog/social post

14:1 ROI media value

+441X Y/Y program reach

Brand Advocacy

Getting ahead in social media marketing works the same way it does in real life—it’s all about who you know. The most successful social media brands find and create communities by igniting and fanning the flames of conversations already happening. They find common ground and engage with their consumers in a way that feels familiar. By putting actual sentiment above forced interactions, we create an army of fans that carry your torch.

    • Community building
    • Community engagement
    • Social listening
    • Hashtag analysis
    • Audience segmentation

Case Study:

Share a Little Sunshine

After the 2010 oil spill, VISIT FLORIDA needed a social media marketing campaign that could rally residents to clean up their beaches and share why Florida was still their favorite place to be. What started as one-off campaign became a movement powered by the feeds of millions of residents and tourists sharing why they #LoveFL.

Over 3 Million Pieces of
user-generated content with an advocacy community of over 640K followers helping brag about the Sunshine State through all year long, producing over 50,000 pieces of #LoveFL content
per month. 

Content Creation

Posting on Facebook is easy. The hard part? Finding a social media management partner to be your eyes and ears who constantly studies what your communities care about. Our in-house studio team and social media experts create and share content that is scroll-stopping, analytical, responsive, and strategic, all while helping you identify the places your message will deliver the most measurable returns.

    • Social posting guides
    • Social activation concepts
    • Sentiment-driven ideation
    • Video and photo content
    • Ongoing content optimization


Case Study:

The Dalí Museum Boosted Social Strategy

Without a clear voice or plan of action, The Dalí Museum’s internal team was struggling to create social media content that engaged their audience. By reviewing how past posts had performed, we built a social media strategy that highlighted what visitors were looking for—visually stimulating art and experiences found at the museum. In the last year, efforts have expanded to targeting more of Florida and relevant influencers.

158% increase in
#TheDali mentions

200% increase in
engagement per post

116% increase in reach
across all platforms

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Social Campaign

Whether it’s sharing brand stories through content or creating a social arm for larger integrated marketing efforts, we create social media campaigns that activate communities and deliver real results. By amplifying your brand’s voice, you give your audience ways to continue to engage with you. In turn, you can leverage that passion to activate even more fans.

    • Social campaign strategy
    • Campaign concepts
    • Integrated team collaboration
    • Ongoing optimizations
    • Campaign reporting

Case Study:

PetSmart Charities National Adoption Weekend

4 times a year, PetSmart Charities hosts a National Adoption Weekend at PetSmart stores throughout the U.S. and Canada. By partnering with local animal welfare organizations, they help animals find their forever homes. And in September of 2017, we formed a social media strategy that leverages multiple audiences to promote the events, encourage online engagement, and open a dialogue for those looking to rescue a pet.

In just the first 7 months:
2x Twitter mentions
2x Instagram engagement
2x Facebook reach

Reputation Management

When it comes to social, first impressions come in the form of reviews, social posts, and word-of-mouth. And managing that is a full-time job. As your brand stewards, we monitor and manage your reputation across the digital landscape and work with your team to celebrate successes while managing the challenges in ways that lead to positive conclusions for you and your customers.

    • Reputation assessment
    • Brand preservation plan
    • Crisis response plan
    • Social listening

92% of consumers read online reviews

Every 1 star increase in a Yelp rating means a 5-9% increase in revenue

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