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We know the best ideas come from collaboration—buy why? How? Here, we explore the many-sided answer to those and other questions about the relationships within our industry.

Shoppable Media: Redefining Consumer Engagement in the Digital Age
Shoppable Media: Redefining Consumer Engagement in the Digital Age
10 min read

Shortening the path to purchase

At its core, shoppable media revolutionizes the way consumers interact with content. Gone are the days of the traditional marketing funnel; now, every image, video, or article has the potential to become a point of sale. Shoppable media bridges the gap between discovery and purchase.

10 min read

From Hospitality to Healthcare: A New Frontier for Patient Wellness

Today’s healthcare landscape continues to undergo an interesting shift, with the principles of hospitality being integrated to redefine patient care. This transformation, fueled by declining satisfaction rates, recognizes that healing is profoundly influenced by clinical outcomes, a patient’s environment, and the quality of personal interactions.

10 min read

Bringing humility back to the forefront

Over the years, we have often been asked to define what makes a great fit for an employee joining our organizational culture. Or even more broadly, what characteristics are necessary to make someone successful in an agency environment.

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Learning about the ugly truth of racial injustice in our own community and the power of telling those stories.

5 min read

We Are All Makers

The key to a stronger client agency relationship? Let go. We know—seems odd. Allow SPARK Founder Michael Peters to explain.

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