We All Hate
Young People

Colonial man chewing gum.
Colonial man blowing a bubble with gum.

And we can’t seem to help it. So here are a few tips for curing your juvenoia.

Throughout most of our history, technological shifts have happened gradually without much cultural disruption. Today, kids two years apart will grow up in completely different media environments, which seems completely absurd. Generation gaps are occurring closer and closer, meaning knowledge is becoming obsolete faster than ever. Our rapid evolution means that we are amidst a generation most equipped for change.

This expedited rate of change means that consumers not only expect the brands they interact with to evolve with them, but they fully expect it. The willingness to try new things and experiment with new forms of culture has been referred to as our adventure window. As we age and pass current key points in life, our adventure window fades rapidly. And in this age of change, brands can’t afford to let their adventure window close.

So, how can brands survive and keep their adventure window ajar? Keep your juvenoia in check with a few words to live by below:

  • Include the intern in the next brainstorm. You might be surprised by the perspective behind the tight jeans and the beard.
  • Think beyond generations. Getting comfortable with constant change means getting comfortable with your audiences on their level.
  • Get a breath of fresh air through that adventure window. Engage in at least one experimental project each year.
  • Create a compelling argument from an inexperienced point of view. If you can’t, you haven’t tried hard enough to understand.