Camp Fimfo

Set your GPS for adventure.

Film, television, fitness influencers and athletic brands have turned some of our most serene, inviting places into our most aggressive and competitive. That’s why, when Northgate Resorts asked us to brand their new line of camping & glamping resorts, we decided to get back to basics, which led us down a path of fun and discovery. Funcovery, if you will.

The clients asked, “What’s our story?” So, we wrote them a song.

The Name

We needed a name that would strike a chord with glampers and campers alike. Camp Fimfo sets the tone for an outdoors experience that’s accessible and enjoyable for anyone and everyone.

Taking inspiration from vintage Boy Scout and camping memorabilia, along with mid-1900s advertisements for the great outdoors, we put a new-age spin on things that appeals to campers and glampers of all shapes and sizes.

Badges, mascot, and marshmallow drops. Oh my!

When guests arrive at Camp Fimfo, they’re transported to a place where marshmallows fall from the sky, surprises are hidden around every corner and fun is at an all time high. We even have our own mascot, but don’t expect Squirrely to be waiting around to take a picture. He’s got his own priorities…

living it. Culture /Lead by

truths in real time. Content /Real

Social /Fire up communities.

Campaign /Stop traffic. Drive action.