Reimagining the brand for a vacation icon.

VISIT FLORIDA needed a rebrand to remind people that Florida isn’t just a state. It’s a state of mind. Florida is the place you go for the experience of being more relaxed, more carefree, more open to connections, and more ready for fun. A Florida state of mind provides relief from the real world, allows you to deliberately unplug from your worries, and encourages you to truly enjoy every moment.




in differentiation



Making Florida shine.

The evolution of the wordmark was primarily functional. In addition to making Florida almost twice the size while occupying the same space, there is now a version where the city can be included.

With the tagline, “Follow Your Sunshine,” we created a variable font that does just that. As the day goes on, the shadow moves depending on the sun’s position at that time.

The photography is curated by contrasting “near” moments that capture emotion and “far” landscapes that capture the beauty of Florida from various perspectives.

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