Hotel Forty Five

Where the Heart of Georgia Intersects with the Soul of Macon.

To best understand the rich history and cultural significance of this special property in downtown Macon, Georgia, we had to do the research. We sat down with city officials and local experts, sipped on cocktails, and drank in the stories that would inspire the hotel, its name and the brand story itself.

Looking at it from all directions.

Inspired by its geographical location, the hotel name and visual identity represents the unique angle created by the intersection of Cotton Ave and Cherry St – as well as a nod to the rich musical history of vintage 45’s spinning the classics written and sung in the heart of Macon.

If it's Macon, it's here.

Everywhere we looked, history seemed to unfold. Cotton barges, cannonballs, and concert halls. Allman Brothers, Little Richard, and Otis Redding. It’s all here, just around the corner from everything happening. We wanted to showcase that here, every day seems to bring another story to tell, and another friend to share it with.

Hotel Forty Five is Macon’s anthology of anecdotes. For the brand identity we let the surrounding streets and their stories lead the way. The color palette is inspired by the copper and patina of the Macon City Auditorium dome, a nod to the past as the hotel looks toward a bright future.

Loom Restaurant

Paying tribute to Macon’s roots in the textile industry, and its many stories, LOOM playfully weaves them together, creating surprising guest experiences. The restaurant serves as the perfect place to get entangled with Macon’s many, many stories.

Hightales Rooftop Bar

For the rooftop bar we wanted to make sure that Macon’s rich musical history took center stage. Hightales is a play on the good ol’ highball cocktails, and the many tales brought to life by singers, songwriters and larger than life characters. The bar serves as the perfect setting for guests to be storytellers, and let Macon’s narrative come to life.

All the effort and attention to detail paid off, and Hotel Forty Five was awarded “Tribute Opening of the Year”

– Marriott International.

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