A brand built on love for Florida.

After 10 years of growth, Florida’s original advocacy platform was ready to evolve. Through repositioning and rebranding we helped VISIT FLORIDA evolve Share A Little Sunshine from a channel for sharing social content to a platform that celebrates our Florida community and the many reasons to love the sunshine state.

Our new brand needed to celebrate the community so naturally, we started our strategic work by creating a summit where we could listen to 30 followers from across the state.

Their insights shed light on a path forward and illuminated a thought about our name: this community was about more than sharing content – it is about the feeling of pride.

LoveFL Brand Evolution

The voices of the community didn’t just shape the brand, they became part of it.

And when it came to launching the new brand, it was a no-brainer of who to turn to.

We broadened the horizons of why to Love Florida.

Join us on our LoveFL journey.

living it. Culture /Lead by

truths in real time. Content /Real

Social /Fire up communities.

Campaign /Stop traffic. Drive action.

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