Portal Guesthouse at Trilith

From Smash Hit Movies to a Hotel For Storytellers.

When Trilith Studios – home to the Marvel Universe – decided to build a Marriott Tribute hotel to support the growing film industry outside of Atlanta, they wanted more than a film themed property. They wanted a creative hub that inspired the very building blocks of every great movie – storytelling itself.

In keeping with the powerful promise of Trilith Studios, its town, and its overriding purpose, the Guesthouse is designed to champion and inspire the storyteller in everyone. 

Here, story reigns supreme, with its historical and societal importance the driving influence for everything from environment to guest experience. Every visitor will be immersed in their own story, which in turn will enhance the legendary tale the hotel itself aims to share with the world.

Stepping through the doorway is crossing into an entirely new, unfolding story all your own.

Designed as a perfect complement to Trilith Studios own brand, the identity of the Portal Guesthouse utilizes organic shapes and fluid lines to create a sense that a stay here transports visitors. Showcasing the hotel’s proud place as a pillar of creative activity and exploration, the full logo mark marries the existing Trilith typeface with handcrafted, custom lettering.

A restaurant that starts the story.

For Prologue, the hotel’s lobby bar and restaurant, the brand identity very much establishes the idea of a “setting of the scene” for the guest experience. Utilizing abstract illustrations that provide a hint to famous storytelling, the brand materials create a sense of place, mood, and mystery. A hub of community and conviviality, alive with energy, activity and inspiration, the restaurant puts the pieces in place and introduces the players – but the story is up to the guest.

Taking a classic to new heights.

If Prologue sets the scene, and the larger Guesthouse experience sees a visitor’s plot unfolding – then the rooftop bar is the Twist.

Proudly situated atop the hotel, Oliver’s Twist furthers the larger intent to inspire storytelling through a playful take on the classic rags to riches tale. Utilizing a juxtaposition of the seemingly everyday, made exceptional, everything from the coasters to the cocktail menu creates an element of surprise, and an atmosphere of the unexpected. 

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