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Elevating a brand to capture
today’s luxury traveler.

Averaging 7.5M visitors a year, 5+ repeat visits per visitor, and 95% destination satisfaction, Newport Beach didn’t seem to have a problem. However, when we looked at their highly affluent visitor base, and the luxury amenities the destination was most popular for, next to the current brand identity, there was a glaring disparity. The brand was outdated, one-dimensional and didn’t communicate luxury at all. It was immediately clear that Newport Beach could capture a much larger share of the luxury— especially international luxury— travel market if the brand they showed the world reflected everything their unique destination offered.

Watch How it Came to life

Newport Beach offers style without the stiffness. Glamour, but they keep it casual. It’s just as luxurious as it is laid back. It’s a destination defined by duality, which we honed in on to help inform the brand personality and identity.

And with luxury travelers as our target, we added appeal and dimension to Newport Beach by expressing the brand through fashion.

Luxury intersects laid-back in Newport Beach campaign.

Following the rollout of a dynamic brand identity, SPARK turned its attention to positioning Newport Beach as the luxury destination that elevates itself beyond a mere sense of place to evoke a sense of achievement.

Centered around the physical coordinates and anchored by the line, “You’ve Arrived,” the multimedia campaign showcases the distinctly Newport Beach experiences that happen when things come together to create a place and a time like no other.

Collaborating with acclaimed filmmaker Max Lowe, SPARK captured Newport Beach’s stunning natural allure, juxtaposing it with casual glamor to demonstrate how ordinary moments can become exceptional experiences.

SPARK worked alongside award-winning photographer Rod McClean to create epic scenes that highlighted singular, opulent moments, framed by the area’s  iconic beauty. Paired with sophisticated typography and crafted messaging, these head-turning ads further reinforced the effortless elegance that defines Newport Beach.

"Newport Beach has really evolved over the years. We’re beyond excited to tell our story with the help of such an amazing group.”

– Doug Mcclain, Senior vice president & Chief marketing officer

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